Pacific Coast Hockey Academy: About Us

About Us
The Pacific Coast Hockey Academy (PCHA) is a high performance hockey academy that has combined an industry leading standard in education with a hockey curriculum focused on individual skill development for today's elite level player.
PCHA is an officially sanctioned Hockey Canada Sport School (HCSS), and proud member of the Canadian Sport School Hockey League (CSSHL).

Located on scenic Vancouver Island, PCHA calls Victoria, British Columbia home.  With its mild climate and surrounded by breathtaking mountains, old growth forests, and the Pacific Ocean; Victoria provides an ideal backdrop for outdoor training and activities, and is a beautiful place to call home.
Mission Statement
Our aim is to enable student athletes to develop their individual potential; not only through exposure to academic studies and hockey but also through a range of sporting, creative and cultural activities.
Our primary goal is for these athletes to acquire the knowledge, experience, skills and attitudes necessary to become well-adjusted and self-confident students who are readily prepared to succeed in their future academic, hockey, social and life challenges.

The Pacific Coast Hockey Academy staff believes that each child’s unique potential must be challenged and developed.
As PCHA is first and foremost a sport school, a commitment to traditional sporting values is the foundation of all learning and teaching.
In educating these students we strive to provide an environment that will:

  • Foster each child’s emotional well-being. The staff will promote positive self-concept, pride in accomplishment, self-confidence, and self-discipline.
  • Foster each child’s social well-being. The staff will promote respect for self and others with whom the kids will work, play and live with.
  • Foster each student’s intellectual development.
  • Foster and develop each player’s skill set and help them reach their potential in hockey.

Upon leaving the PCHAl, these elite student athletes will have developed a sense of social responsibility and a respect for one another and their individual rights.They will possess an improved hockey skill set and understand the value in being a team player as well as accepting their unique role and contribution as an individual within the team dynamic.

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